We recognise the impact our operation has on the environment and work progressively to follow responsible business practice in all facets of our operation.

Considered refurbishment

As a building developed over forty years we focus on managing responsible practices in the upgrade, replacement and refurbishment of existing facilities as and when opportunities arise.

Store refurbishments, building repairs and maintenance provide many opportunities for the introduction of sustainable materials and energy saving technology.


We’re committed to recycling. In 2014, we recycled 378 tonnes of waste, which is 98.7% of waste produced. All of our waste electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of in accordance with government guidelines and regulations.

We constantly review new opportunities as waste process facilities are developed by specialist waste service businesses.

Heating and lighting

The centre’s heating and lighting levels are computer controlled to minimise energy consumption. The majority of lighting used in the centre is low energy with LED systems recently introduced in some areas for even better performance. During 2014 we replaced all of the car park lighting with LED.


Water usage is controlled in our public toilet facilities through activity sensors, ‘push control’ taps and measured flush volumes.


In 2014 we introduced wild flower planting and bee colonies to roof tops to support dwindling bee populations and plant pollination.


We work closely with three local charities; Little Sisters of the Poor, Galloway’s Society for the Blind and St Catherine’s Hospice providing fundraising support, sponsorship and hands on assistance as and when required.


We provide free entertainment for children and adults alike during school holidays and on keys dates throughout the year.

Helping the local retail sector

We take a lead role in supporting City Centre events and initiatives, providing funding for events such Preston Guild and the Christmas Light Switch.

The Centre Manager regularly participates in various City Centre committees including Preston BID.